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Vincent De Paul school. This was only after another "Brother Dave" David Sanders had been arrested, convicted at trial, and sentenced to 15 yr sentence as of Jan. Sentenced to 5 yrs prison. Pecore Convicted of assault on a teenage boy over 3 year period. Placed on probation and ordered to serve year in jail on work-release program.

In Pecore was convicted of sexually molesting a second boy from his nephew while working at a care center for elderly priests. Sentenced to 12 yrs prison. Named in at least 2 civil suits.

Registered Sex Offender Elected As Fire Chief In Pa. Town, Mayor Defends Decision

Also abused in Baltimore when he was religious brother. On sex offender registry. Wagner Pleaded guilty in to assault and battery reduced charge involving 13 yr old boy.

Placed on probation for 2 years and received indepth counseling. Apparently admitted in that he had molested more than one boy. Diocese received 6 substantiated allegations. Lots of treatment. Agreed to ask for laicization.

Pleaded guilty and received month sentence. A civil suit against archdiocese was settled in Suit against Schmitz was ongoing. Schmitz agreed to seek laicization. Received a 21 mo. Puhl admitted in deposition that he had homosexual contacts with several youths in in another MN parish and that he received treatment then.

Civil suit settled in Charged with abuse of 14 yr old boy from Allowed to plead guilty to lesser charge of attempted endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. Sentenced to 1 yr probation. Spent years in CA training to be deacon before being removed from program. Served as vol. Named in suit re abuse of one boy. Worked in Dallas Diocese until past uncovered. He was already working in another parish when he was indicted in In he entered Alford Plea defendant does not admit guilt but concedes that the state has enough evidence to win a conviction and was sentenced to 4 years jail.

He also abused at least one other boy in Bowen Woman was 9 when first sexual abuse occurred and it continued until she was He wrote letters saying that he would leave the priesthood to marry her. Bowen served in Bolivia for 28 yrs before Boston indictment in Buzanowski Suspended Convicted on a child porn charge and sentenced to 21 months in jail. Admitted in letter made public to molesting 14 boys aged in Case dismissed.

McGuire Sued ; accused of abuse. Criminal charges in Could not prosecute in IL. WI Sup. Stavinoha Police officer caught Stavinoha having sex with a minor boy in a van at local park in Houston in Church removed privileges and sent him for therapy. In , Stavinoha pleaded guilty; sentenced to 10 yrs.

Served 14 mo.

August 2018 Mug Shots

Civil suit filed, settled, and sealed. May have lived in St. Louis area at St. Vianney or Wounded Brothers. Abuse of boys. He is 8 on Archdiocese list of 10 priests with most accusations of abuse with He admitted to at least Still on Calif. May have abused as many as boys.

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Convicted of abuse of 6 boys in and received year sentence. Died in prison Sued in both KY and NM. Another suit settled in Boyle Convicted Lewdness with child in Reno, NV. Sued Accused of abuse in s in Portland. Other claims still pending. Boyle is accused of molesting at least 9 boys and girls in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Four others settled in Left order in Arrested for abuse and photographing of 2 boys at the home in s and s. Both men made complaints in Pleaded guilty to raping 3rd man At least 4 claims included in global settlement with Archdiocese.

Sentenced in to 10 yrs prison for abuse of youth in Civil suits filed by at least Admits to abuse of "four or five" boys every year of his 22 yr career. Judge ruled that Diocese may be assessed punitive damages if found liable. Pritchard Received treatment in for abuse of 1 youth. Arrested Accused of abuse of 3 altar boys. Died Nov. Huff In two families in 2 days complained to Diocese that Huff had molested their sons.

After treatment Huff was made a hospital chaplain in late Within two months several more families complained of abuse from He was sent back to treatment and resigned from priesthood 7 weeks later. Pled guilty in to charges of improperly touching and providing alcohol to several youths. Sentenced to 15 mo to 5 yrs in prison as result of plea bargain. Other charges dropped. McKeown Convicted of abuse of boy, age 12, in Sentenced to 25 yrs in prison.

Also admitted to raping 3 boys in early s. Settlement in Forced out of priesthood May have abused between youths. Began to abuse again in early s. Sadowski, Jr.


Arrested in MA in after allegedly arranging over the Internet to meet someone he thought was a 14 yr old girl. He wanted sex and to take pornographic photos of the girl. He also sent nude photos of himself. Was a deacon in RI for 24 years Dioceseimmediately placed him on leave. Sentenced to 2 years in prison and 5 yrs probation. Also arrested in RI on similar charges.


Case referred to Vatican. Sentenced to 9 mo jail and 5 yr probation.

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Total of three victims. Family of two boys settled out of court Ball criminally charged in with 31 counts of sexually abusing two other boys from He was sentenced to 3 years in prison. DePaoli Convicted of possession of child porn. Continued "extremely restricted ministry" until but did more than allowed because of "communications breakdown. Placed on leave.

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