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Canada Post releases Hanukkah stamp recognizing eight-day Festival of Lights. Ensure all your mail follows you to your new address Use Mail Forwarding when you move or temporarily relocate to a new address. Buy Mail Forwarding. We offer 2 types of Mail Forwarding.

Please note that Mail Forwarding service can only be purchased if your original address is in Canada. How much does Mail Forwarding cost?

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Choose the residential or business tab to find out more about our prices. Within province Across provinces U. The unique postal code will be identified during the service purchase, and if applicable, your business will be charged the high volume rate. What you need to get started. Enter your address and identification information.

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Please consider disabling your ad blocker while visiting our site. Finding accommodation in Canada is one of the first things any newcomer will want to tick off their to-do list. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to find temporary accommodation first, while you search for apartments or houses for rent in Canada. From your first night, to your first lease and beyond, this article has advice for you.


Hostels and hotels are plentiful in urban areas, though you may wish to book well in advance to ensure you have the widest choice of temporary accommodation in Canada available to you. If your budget is limited while you stay in temporary accommodation, Hostelworld have an extensive collection of short term accommodation to suit any budget. Note that bed bugs do exist in Canada, so research your intended place to stay online before you book.

The Canadian Government helps refugees find temporary accommodation in Canada as part of its Resettlement Assistance Program.

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There are several types of rental accommodation in Canada, including houses, condominiums, and apartments. Some houses will be available to rent in their entirety, some will divided into several units. In other houses for rent in Canada, rental rooms are available, with shared living and bathroom facilities.

The cost of utilities, such as electricity and water, may or may not be included in your rent. You can find houses and apartments for rent in Canada in the classifieds section of local newspapers, libraries, and on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist. Newcomers Facebook groups are also useful. In many cities, you can simply walk around your preferred neighbourhood, as landlords will post signs outside their property advertising available vacancies.

Landlords will usually request information about your ability to pay rent before offering you a lease. Documents that may be requested include:. Many landlords will prefer Canadian documentation, and this can be cumbersome for new arrivals.

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In a country as large and diverse as Canada, it may seem difficult to try and answer this question. However, we are nothing if not resourceful and with that in mind, we will seek to provide you with the answer to how much rent in Canada is. A recent report released by the CBC from November has found that the average price of rent has increased by 3. From a city or regional perspective, Montreal remains the most affordable big city in Canada to rent.

Unless otherwise agreed, you will likely have signed a lease for a fixed-term, often one year. Discuss with your landlord before signing a lease. In Ontario, rent increases must occur at least 12 months apart, and tenants need to receive at least 90 days of notice. In many cases, business visitors may work in Canada without a work permit, so long as they don't enter the Canadian labour market.

After graduating from a designated Canadian educational institution, international graduates may work in Canada for up to three years.

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If you are looking for work in Canada or already have a job offer from a Canadian employer and are unsure of what to do next, we have the perfect tools to get you started. If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer and are unsure of what to do next, check out our Work Permit Services to get an introduction on what you need to acquire the proper authorizations to work in Canada. We would be happy to assist you with the process from beginning to end. Please contact us so we can help you explore your options. If you are a Canadian employer who is looking to hire a worker from abroad , we would be happy to advise you on the proper steps to bring that worker to Canada.

Our Work Permit specialists will discuss your business needs with you, the qualifications of the worker that you have in mind, and the options that you have for getting that worker to Canada. Depending on your needs, you may need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Alternatively, there may be specific programs that are geared toward addressing your needs on an expedited basis through an exemption , such as through an intra-company transfer.

To see what options are available to you, contact us today and let us know about your business needs. Depending on the amount of time that you have studied in Canada, you may be eligible for a post-graduation work permit in Canada. This program is an excellent opportunity for you to develop Canadian experience, especially if you are looking to apply for Canadian immigration under the Canadian Experience Class or Quebec Experience Class programs. Start your free assessment and be sure to let us know about your Canadian education. In addition to Entrepreneur Work Permits , be sure to look into Canada's Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program if you have business management or entrepreneurial experience.

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  • You should also explore our page about International Business Start-ups In Canada to learn more about using an intra-company transfer work permit to start a new business in Canada. There are a number of programs that allow self-employed individuals to work in Canada under certain circumstances.

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    If you are looking to work in Canada on a self-employed basis, the process may be a bit complicated. However, we would be happy to assess your qualifications for working in Canada.

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    Canada has a special relationship with the United States and Mexico that allows certain individuals to work in Canada. NAFTA is broken down into four categories, covering professionals, intra-company transfers , traders and investors, and allows such individuals to circumvent the traditional work permit process. Contact us today , and be sure to note that you are a citizen of the United States or Mexico. The province of Quebec has its own requirements for working Quebec.

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