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In a globalized world, people travel from one country to another for a variety of reasons, such as studies, business or a change in life. However, documentation is still a prerequisite no matter what the purpose of your moving to a foreign country is. A birth certificate is one of the most important legal documents someone should have, for the obvious reason that it proves your existence in the system and states who you are.

It is necessary in every country in the world and is required for any legal activity. From getting married to setting up your own business. For immigration purposes in particular, a well-translated birth certificate is essential. When people need a document to be translated in another language, they sometimes think that its translation is an easy task they can complete by themselves. Read more from Wikipedia. See user submitted job responsibilities for Birth Certificate Clerk. Find your city for detailed salary data. Toggle navigation Demo.

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What is a Birth Certificate Clerk? Select a city to view specific salary and bonus information for Birth Certificate Clerk. Loading results No data is available based on your input. Not the job you're looking for? Search more salaries here:. Are you an HR manager or compensation specialist? Learn about. Search Job Openings. Clerk in the County of San Diego, or equivalent clerical experience working in a medical records He has finally opened up to me and has allowed me to help him find out how or where to find out about his adoption. He was born at U. C medical center in Los Angeles, Ca.

It seems that his birth mother abandoned him immediately after birth and therefore he was subsequently put into the foster system and went from one foster home to another until the age of 4 when his now adoptive parents legally adopted him and a new birth certificate was then issued with the names of his adoptive parents. No one knows whether or not his birth mother is alive or dead, or what her REAL name is for that matter. He needs help several aspects and I believe that finding out his birth information might shed some light on the things he is going thru but where can we start?

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No one has been able to give him any information. Is it possible to go to the hospital where he was born and request medical records of his birth? Hello Mora. Most likely his original birth records were sealed when his adoption was finalized so going to U. Medical center may not provide any insight. The California Department of Social Services administers a Mutual Consent Program whereby contact can be arranged between adult adoptees and birth parents if each has completed a Consent for Contact form. He can register for the program with the hope that his birth mother has done the same.

There are also numerous support groups for adoptees that offer moral support and suggestions on how to conduct a search. He can also look for support groups on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. We wish you the best in your search. I was adopted by my step mom when I was I did not want this to happen. I have kept in contact with my paternal mom all these years.

I want to have my birth certificate back to the original with my paternal mom back on my birth certificate. I no longer want my step mom on there. How do I change my new certificate back to my original?

Good morning, Sandra. More than likely, it would require a reversal of your adoption to have your birth mother listed on your birth certificate again. We recommend you start by contacting the courts where your adoption took place for guidance. Hi — We recently adopted our daughter from China and need a NY birth certificate to get her a passport. How do I obtain this? Hello Marisa. If you have questions or comments you may contact New York State Vital Records by email at vr health. Hi— I was adopted as an infant in Indiana.

My adoptive parents have since moved me cross-country. How do I proceed? Hello Jehlani. Thanks for reaching out to us. If you were legally adopted in Indiana, your birth certificate should be available through Indiana Vital Records and would reflect your adopted name rather than your birth name. Since you mentioned that you no longer live in Indiana, you may want to order your birth certificate online through VitalChek.

If you have any questions during the process you can email us at vitals. My uncle was born in in nyc. He recently went to get a replacement birth certificate. He has valid nys license, social security card etc.. The board of ed turned him away saying they couldnt find it either. What else can he do? There has to be something he can do. Any ideas?

Thank you for your question Robert.

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While the NYC vital records office would be the proper agency responsible for issuing birth certificates for births occurring within any of the 5 NYC boroughs, if they are unable to locate any certificate you may want to contact the NY State vital records office to see if the birth was recorded outside of the NYC boroughs. While the State office does not issue certificates for NYC-specific births, if the birth was recorded outside of NYC they may have the record. If no record can be located in either agency, they may be able to advise you as to what else can be done for your uncle.

Thank you, and best of luck in your search. Hello this may be a tricky one. I was adopted exactly what age is questionable. I have been searching for years now for my birth family but of course I am getting the run around between the 3 locations. I have my adoption papers with what I believe is my birth name on it. Can I get a birth certificate if i know my full birth name? I noticed on the application it ask only for your maiden name and current legal name.

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Good morning, Kim. Best regards. I have a copy of my birth certificate from New York and tried to get a passport but it was declined because the birth certificate does not have my parents full name on it.

How do I get one that does? Hello Mary Jo. Some states provide different forms of birth certificates depending on what you intend to use it for. If you have any questions you can email us at vitals. OK so I have a really huge question to ask. I was born in Ga and raised out in Utah due to foster homes I came to a home that adopted me.

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What do I need to get a updated birth certificate if I changed my name. And the adoption process took place back in Utah. Hello Steven. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. According to Georgia guidelines, if you were born in Georgia and adopted in a different state, your birth certificate would be on file in the state of Georgia. You can contact the vital records office in Georgia for more information on ordering an updated birth certificate or you can order it online through Vitalchek.

Hi i was adopted from poland and im 20 and i wanna find out my medical background and also know my last name and even where i was actually adopted from. Hello Dan. We appreciate that you, as an adoptee, would like to learn more about your background. We suggest you seek out support groups for international adoptees. Hopefully they will have some valuable pointers that will help you find a starting point for your search for more information.

We wish you the best.

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My adopted daughter found me a couple years ago, and we want to find her original birth cert. She was born in Iowa, and adopted in Ca. Do we have to petition the state of Iowa for it? Does it have to go through the county court house, where the birth was?

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Does Iowa unseal records if both the biological mother and father and child agree?