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Your EIN—also known as a business tax ID number—will be required for lots of different things throughout the lifecycle of your business. For reasons big and small, you should know how to find your business tax ID number.

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Plus, the SSN lets the business owner be personally attached to the business credit card account, making them personally liable for the spending done on the card. Apply for a Business Credit Card. The answer to this question certainly differs from business owner to business owner, but there are two primary reasons for wanting to secure a business credit with an EIN only. Credit card issuers tend to treat getting a business credit card using EIN as an earned privilege.

And that usually comes with building credit and proving creditworthiness.

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Corporate business credit cards are options for high-rolling business that want to secure business credit cards using EIN only. These cards let a business access a credit card account without one specific stakeholder taking on personal liability. Another alternative is to explore some corporate gas cards, which let your business qualify for company-only liability.

With the Shell card, for example, if your business earns over a million dollars in revenue every year, and has at least three years of business history, then you could qualify for company-only liability for this corporate gas card.

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This type of business credit cards lets the person managing the account prepay business cards for employees to spend with. Meanwhile, other business credit card choices let you build credit by spending responsibly, but they will require more than an EIN for their application. If you want to access company-only liability with business credit cards using EIN only, then corporate credit cards, corporate gas cards, and prepaid are your only options that can help with that. However, if your personal credit is suffering, and you want to avoid applying to a business credit card with your SSN as a result, there are ways to access business credit that, unlike getting business credit cards with EIN only, will help you build or rebuild your personal credit.

In turn, this improved credit will open up and improve your business credit card options for the future. And looking to the long term is going to be a great solution for you. You know, that whole teach-a-man-to-fish thing.

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Here are two different, more future-proof alternatives to getting business credit cards using EIN only:. This all means that the Secured Mastercard is the most flexible secured card on the market, and it lets business owners with struggling credit rebuild their finances with responsible spending. This unsecured business credit card is available to business owners with personal credit of or higher. Even better, Capital One will report all of your activity on the Spark Classic to personal credit bureaus. As a result, your responsible spending will be that much more effective in improving your personal credit.

That means better business credit card options, quicker. Blogs Calculators Guides Courses. Routing Number: Business Line of Credit Stay one step ahead Even out your cash flow with on-demand access to flexible funding that you can use for anything from payroll to puff pastry. Find a Branch. A long term solution for short term needs.

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Can You Apply for Business Credit Cards Using EIN Only?

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