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Bruno Mars realizes he forgot to re-fill his prescriptions. Bruno Mars: "I'm all out of medication Cuz' I keep fockin' up Bruno Vacuum Made more hilarious by the fact one one of the things sucked up by Bruno in that scene is a Mars bar. The entire "Brony and I Know It" part, ending with And when it's over, and it's over. No one will ever understand that without Twix, you feel like nothing.

The Freeze-Frame Bonus of Ganon in a lightning storm. Moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo-moo ". That's- That's- That's- That's- That's- right! The way you flip me off gets me overwhelmed! Vomited onto myself. Some nights I'm drunk Some nights I wish my cock could just fall off! But every time I reach for my pingas, I'm waiting for the movie to begin!

Is this just FAAF? No escape from the vaginal landslide, 'cause I'm easy come, easy come" well, that was predictable "I'm just a little high. I'm traveling at the speed of LOL! Wanna make a Super Saiyan out of you! Those were the testes of my LAWL. We can eat doodie! We can act real rude and totally rude and act like a rude-cile. Doing it hole 2 hole!

Rockin' out to the phat beat of evil!

We can dress real rude from our hats to our feet and surprise them with a big penis in the asshole! I thought I heard something. Musical YouTube Poops. You and I must make the steak! I'll fuck you in your anus! And I can't believe my first love would be a bagel!

Déduction des investissements professionnels – mesure doublée !

I had my first Starbucks" "She know she got me gazing cause she made my penis hard. She fucked me daily, but I just keep on saying I was gay! Penis, penis, penis ohhhh! Baby fix me What are you, a fucking dog? I need instructions on how to have a baby! Katy Perry : Let's go to Best Buy! We can just look at alllll Billy Mays : Welcome to Best Buy! Can we help you? Billy Mays: Why not? Our friendly and caring, licensed agents are sure to please!

Link: I won!

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Kimbra : Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over Guess I need to change my number! Kimbra : You hung up on somebody that you used! Kimbra : I don't want you to live. I want you hung up hung up— Gotye blinks repeatedly fast another Sony Vegas Pro editing flaw Kimbra : Said that you could get it to go After which, the color bars happen.

Mario : No. Billy Mays : It's not easy! Gwonam : You are a slut. This is probably what most of you subscribe to me for, right? Enjoy this " itty bitty waste " sorry, terrible pun Commercial YouTube Poops. No one needs foundation repair , possibly his most famous one: "When you need foundation repair, you want foundation repair. And you'd like to save a lot of money, right? And you'd like to suck a lot of cock, right?

Then you should call HoH SiS. Mario : Shit, Luigi! We gotta do it all over again! Fiddle Diddle with sister's nipples.

Billy's Mom : Are you jacking off to Billy Mays again? Worker : Good morning, may I help you? Billy Mays : Hi, Billy Mays here! How you doing?

a cover: sa'yo by munimuni

Worker : Oh hiiii! How are you?

  • Déduction des investissements professionnels – mesure doublée !!
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Billy Mays : Good! I'd like to order the burnt-on cheese! Thank you very much! This is Billy Mays, and I'm pulling over to get my shit! Billy Mays : Hey! Young lady?

Mutual Funds and Taxes & Are Frequent Flyer Miles Ever Taxable? | Richard Easton

I look back on this video and ask myself How the hell did I combine these three things into one video: 1 A children's Spiderman toy 2 A woman's shower sex toy, and 3 Gabe Newell? I don't remember what I was on when I made this video. Billy Mays : Hi, it's Billy. Jupiter Jack!

Billy : Hi, it's Billy. What are you doing in my car?