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The next step is to modify the current working directory. I add an empty line to ListBox1 by adding empty quotes. To do that, I utilize the SetCurrentDirectory method. After that, I utilize the GetFullPath method, passing to it the same file name, and the results of both actions are added to ListBox1 one by one. Check out the Visual Basic archive , and catch up on the most recent editions of Irina Medvinskaya's column.

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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) RS.EXE Utility

Automatically sign up today! Editor's Picks. Transgender employees in tech: Why this "progressive" industry has more work to do. Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest programming language on the planet. In order to deploy my app, I need to specify the following file path as relative to my project. I need the image to be a file so that it can be processed by the "DrawImageToScale" function so that the image is reduced in size to a panel on the form. Thanks, Dean S. Aug 10 '06 1.

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Thanks, Dean S To get the embedded resource as a stream, you use Reflection. The resources must be compiled with Visual Studio. Duplicate Imports statements are not allowed. The following default Imports statements are implicitly used in all rules:.

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If you use MessageBox in a rule, then iLogic automatically adds the following statement:. If you use ThisApplication or other Inventor objects, then iLogic automatically adds the following:. This information can be used to modify the behavior of a rule without having to create a duplicate rule. You pass rule arguments using functions available in the IiLogicAutomation interface for external clients , and in iLogicVB for other rule code and internal clients.

Get the Path to Your File in Visual Studio -- Visual Studio Magazine

These arguments are made available within a rule via the RuleArguments property. For IiLogicAutomation , the functions available include:. NameValueMap As Integer. For iLogicVB , the functions available include:. Create rule arguments. It is then passed to one of the functions when running the rule.

Issue using relative reference with Video File and Windows Media P.

Access an argument passed to the rule. Determine if an argument has been passed to the rule. Pass the set of arguments to another rule using RunRule. If you use Sub Main , the rule follows standard VB. NET format for a class, except that the Class Therefore, place all assignment statements inside a Sub, Function, or Property. End Sub.

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Any Class you add is nested in the main rule Class for that rule and cannot be used from another rule. To add an independent Class or Module , explicitly declare the rule Class using the following:. You can then add another Class or Module or more than one outside of this code.

You can put more than one in the same DLL. When you develop advanced VB. You can then cut and paste relatively small snippets of code from Visual Studio into a rule. You can even paste in an entire dialog box Class although resources are not easily supported. For larger units of code, or where required, create an assembly and use it as an external DLL from a rule. You can store objects that are instances of a user-defined Class using the iLogic rule Shared Variable functions. You can write your own external DLLs in. NET and call them from a rule. Then, choose Inventor. This method allows you all the benefits of the debugging environment, including Edit and Continue.

External DLLs are useful when using a rule to display a dialog box for user input. - How To Check If Directory Contains Files And Folders In Visual [ with code ]

Use ThisDoc.