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Body camera footage is exempt from public disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act, but no laws prevent someone from sharing the footage once it's in their possession. Lawyers are often the only means by which family members involved in potentially questionable law enforcement encounters such as police shootings are able to obtain footage. It also can be the only way the community activists or the public is able to access footage in such circumstances.

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Community activist Bruce Wilson said he was glad Beatty vacated the order and wants the body camera conversation to evolve into greater access. Eppes said attorneys voiced concerns when the initial order was signed and have been in contact with judges and prosecutors. He said a meeting is being scheduled to get all parties' concerns addressed.

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Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown told The Greenville News this week that he had raised concerns to the solicitor's office about attorneys sharing body camera footage with other attorneys that go after civil rights violation lawsuits. Voters who were challenged for not providing proper ID when registering to vote by mail must provide this ID prior to or at the provisional ballot hearing for their vote to be counted. The Board, acting as the county board of canvassers, will decide all cases under protest, in general, special, and municipal elections that may arise in the county in the case of a county or less than county office.

Candidates in a general election, in county or less than county office, may file a protest in writing with the Executive Director or Chair of the Board, along with a copy for each candidate in the race, by noon Wednesday following the certification of the election results by the Board. If the Executive Director or Chair is not available, the candidate may file the protest with the county Sheriff along with a copy for each candidate in the race.

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The Sheriff will take immediate steps to deliver these copies to the chair The protest must contain each ground of protest concisely stated separately. Candidates in a municipal election must file their protests in writing with the Executive Director or Chair of the Board, with a copy for each candidate in the race, within 48 hours after the polls close generally by 7 p. The protest must be heard, after due notice to the parties concerned, within 48 hours after the protest is filed. The county or state executive committee of a party hears protests that may arise following primary elections held by that party , and through The State Election Commission will decide all cases under protest in general or special elections in the case of federal and state offices, members of the State Senate and State House of Representatives, and offices involving more than one county The Director hires and manages department staff.

Randy was promoted to Election Analyst on July 2, after working for the Department for more than 3-years as a temporary employee. Disclaimer : Information presented on the PickensElections. This publication is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Governments, officers of the Confederate and U. Armies, S.

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It also includes unidentified Heyward family and friends and 19th century pictures. Many photographs were […]. The Historical Commission of South Carolina pamphlet collection is comprised of 45 artificially bound volumes of separately published South Carolina imprints from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Topics covered include: agriculture, Civil War regimental histories, education and schools, geology, industry, medicine, Native American tribes, nature, nullification, the Revolutionary War, the Reconstruction Era , and […].

These forty South Carolina soil survey maps from the early Nineteen Hundreds were prepared with booklets to explain the soil classifications on the county level.

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They include information that do not appear on updated survey maps, such as old rail lines, schools, churches and other structures as well as entire towns that no longer exist. Many of the over photographs by Kenneth Frederick Marsh d. Some were used to illustrate books by photographer Marsh and his wife, Blanche Marsh.

The photographs and negatives depict historic and modern homes, public buildings, textile mills, churches, and scenes of South Carolina and Flat […]. This volume is the first systematic atlas of any state in the union. Remarkably, too, no other state atlas of South Carolina was published for the next century and a half. This collection will enable researchers to examine the activities of the Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches in South […]. It was intended to provide African American motorists and tourists with the information necessary to board, dine, and sightsee comfortably and safely during the era of segregation.

Pickens County, SC Public Records

Originally conceived in the late 18th Century, fire insurance maps provided structural and urban environmental information necessary for insurance underwriters. Founded in in the United States, the Sanborn National Insurance Diagram Bureau systematically produced ascetically appealing, but also efficient, maps nationwide. This New York firm expanded and grew immensely, finally emerging as the Sanborn […].

Wilkins, Sr. The first issue appeared in January with a portrait of Governor James F. Byrnes on […].

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This site is user-friendly on laptops, tablets and phones. There is a transparency […]. A collection of photographs, manuscripts, books, and maps from the Civil War era from the University of South Carolina Libraries with essays from Dr. Thomas J. Brown and Dr. Dorothy Pratt. This collection will continue to have materials added to it. The South Carolina State Legislature first enacted an Underwater Antiquities Bill in which was intended to protect historic shipwrecks and other submerged cultural resources.

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In a Hobby Diver […]. The photographs are from the archives of the South Carolina State Library and many were taken by State Library field agents. Portrayed in photographs […].

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The photographs are from the archives of the South Carolina State Library and many were taken by State Library field […]. Many of these documents are about South Carolina or include topics of regional interest. The South Carolina Federal Documents Collection provides access to digitized copies of selected publications written by U.

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This collection contains picture postcards from the early part of the twentieth century that depict scenes across South Carolina. The South Carolina Library Association, established on October 27, , is made of librarians from all around our state South Carolina dedicated to providing innovative services and promoting libraries and intellectual freedom to all our citizens including the public, as well as those in higher education and in our schools.