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Company has not been in business for multiple years as the "representatives" tell you. It was only organized in The Phoenix address is…. From Business: Online marketing can be confusing, but YP can help you cut through the clutter. Our customized service and solutions help make marketing your business easier. I replied well you contacted a family member and provided them with the information. The rep placed me on hold and never came back. Indian accent. I dont even own a car. Do not know anyone in Woburn,called back busy. Called times today, right after another- no answer, just blank.

I certainly do not live in New York or the east coast area. Hale I've done this before- They get so mad that they lose it It works. I don't deal with them so not sure why they calling my number- Just to be annoying or helpful? Harris one miss call and did not leave a message- called twice- Who is it.

Martin Call came in at : rang, answering machine picked up and whoever hung up after listening to the greeting- Suspect solicitor. However, I just did some research and discovered that this is the phone number of a summer camp in New Jersey called "Camp Fatima"- They even have a website, which identifies this as their phone number- I have no idea who or what "Stummer, C" is, and I don't know why that is on the caller ID in the first place since it is the camp's number- I live in Missouri, so I don't know why in the world I would get a call from a summer camp in New Jersey- Did someone at "Camp Fatima" dial my number by mistake or was it a call asking for a donation or something like to send kids to camp this summer who were victims of Hurricane Sandy?

HAHA- Smart enough to give him fake address before i checked him out though- The check will get there it will be fraudulent and then they can go find someone else to try and scam- The pay scale for a PA- of that nature would exceed the amount offered anyway- Bout as fraudulent as the U-S- Dept of Education.

Don't waste your time trying to tell these people about being on the do not call list, the debt is out of statute, paid, etc- unless you want to argue with someone whose only job in life is to infuriate you into paying a debt long disposed of. Trying to get me set up for a disability expert on a disability claim- Won't quit calling.

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Dang Bastar And the most irritating thing,No one can do anything about it- Because there'll always be that sucker that freaks out and believes these aholes and hands over their bank information or makes a"payment"- Oh and btw,I just called this number back- It's a Verizon number and says "This Verizon Customer is not available at this time-" I wonder if Verizon can do anything about it? Total scam. The caller ID matched the callback number. You will make me carry that chair, won't you. You never saw such a look of astonishment on Vaughan's face.

Then Snyder just busted out laughing. Truman couldn't contain himself. He just sat down and almost cried. Well, Truman has told that story around Washington. In this Steinberg's book he claims that I weighed pounds. Well, I never weighed near that in my life. I think at the time I did weigh about pounds. But that was still a pretty good load for Vaughan to carry. I didn't know him until after he'd become secretary to Senator Truman.

He'd been secretary for some congressman down in Southern Missouri. The Senator needed a secretary and he hired Vic Messall. I knew Vic during that time.

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I don't know what caused it. I heard some things but it would be purely hearsay on my part, so I wouldn't be competent enough to advance any ideas on it. FUCHS: Did you from your political experience and knowing the situation, probably, in Kansas City, feel that he would or would not win?

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  • It was a pretty tough fight, though, with Maurice Milligan. I've heard that he kicked over the traces a few times. I don't know; I know Barney and I liked him very much.

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    In fact, my youngest daughter and his adopted daughter were in school together and I see Barney every now and then, and I like him. I think that, at one time, the St. Louis outfit kind of went the other way.

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    I gather it was a little of the doublecross, but I think Bob Hannegan kind of saved the day there in the final analysis. Dwight was from Gordon, Nebraska. He was a banker and also a partner in the newspaper there. His partner in the newspaper was a Colonel Joe Leedom. Dwight had been a member of the House of Representatives in Nebraska, was a colonel of artillery, and we met him at Reserve camps. Dwight and I were very good friends; in fact, when I was in the legislature I was the Democratic whip in the House, and when Dwight came along as a Republican governor, I could do more with Dwight as a Republican than I could with the Democrats.

    Then when I was running for lieutenant governor, I made a swing out through the state and I got out to Gordon, Nebraska, and I checked into the hotel. I was shown into a room in the hotel, and when they opened the door there was Joe Leedom and Dwight Griswold sitting there waiting for me. They said, "We can't be seen with you, but we've got all the Democrats coming up here to see you pretty soon. Truman made with him in at Camp Ripley?

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    When he was governor of Nebraska in November, , he mentioned that you and Mr. Truman hoped to keep a date that you'd made in at Ripley. Truman replied that it was "certainly a grand thing that Chick won. McLaughlin was the congressman from Omaha, 2nd District in Nebraska. In fact, when Truman came up there when I was running for lieutenant governor, Truman made the rounds one Sunday with me to a lot of political meetings, picnics and all, and Chick was along.

    He was making the same tour that I was. He was on that commission for quite a while, and Truman later appointed him a Federal judge in Washington. He was a very capable man. I don't think Chick needed any recommendation. Truman knew enough about him, because after Chick was elected in Congress they got to be pretty good friends. I just wondered how Mr.

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    Truman felt,. That was before we were in the war. Did Mr. Truman, as you remember it, in discussing things with him, feel that we should do everything to stay out of the war This latest episode bears me out. That they're going to deal with Cuba regardless of whether we like it or not.

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    Bill was a Reserve officer. Truman that he [Kirby] was the subject of a discussion at a battery meeting in March, , and said that he had doublecrossed Truman once before. FUCHS: You don't recall anything about this doublecross or the previous doublecross, if there was a second one? Burke was the one, I think, who coined the phrase the "New Deal. Burke's senatorial office was right across the hall from Truman in the Senate office building. They got to.