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So, you finally get on to a server without throwing your mouse out the window, what next? Starting with the old-school UT originals, we find the classic all versus all Deathmatch, the almost-as-classic Team Deathmatch and the not-all-that-classic-but-still-brilliant Capture the Flag game types — pretty self explanatory. The latter also comes in a second variety that adds vehicles to the mix, more on which later, and to my mind is probably the second best game mode.

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The best mode, if you want my opinion, by far has to be Warfare. Now you have SocketIOClient plugin in your project. SocketIOClient plugin can be added to blueprint as component. Create Blueprint with Actor as parent class and put it on your level. It will be our manager. Here you can add bindings to socket events. By default, SocketIOClient connects to server, specified in component settings, automatically.

It fires every time server send something to client your project. So, now we know when project establishes connection, disconnects and get messages from server. For further steps we need to unleash our imagination. Suppose we need server to send us new data every few seconds. Just random data, for example, direction of wind.

Shortcut to Specified Server.

Ok, now we know event name. How will we receive it in Unreal Engine project? Ok, now everything is ready except one thing: our simple local server. I decided to create local server using Node.

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How it works: it creates local server on port There are a wide range of commands, some of which are listed below. For full details you should investigate the API reference. The RunTo command is provided with a destination location. When this method is called your bot will start running towards the destination. Bot's first shot For the purpose of this example we will next make our bot shoot at the location it is running towards, it is recommended that you change this when creating your own implementation as shooting at an empty NavPoint is unlikely to get you many frags.

If you execute the program you will see that your bot now shoots at the location as it runs towards it. It will continue doing this until you call a method to instruct it to stop. Place the following code into the PerfomActions method just below the code written in the previous step. Your Bot will now stop shooting. Viewing your bot in action You can find out what your bot is up to we have provided a visualiser.

This is a modified version of TclViz. When you run the Visualiser you can connect it to any server running the mutator and get a birds eye view of the game in progress by simply providing the IP address of the server. You can see the waypoints which are marked by pink dots and the active players which have their name next to a yellow dot and a line indicating which way they are facing.

From here you can view the game and see what your bot is doing as shown in the visualizer screenshot. What to do next Now that you have got your bot into the game and made it move around a bit you can start thinking about making it into a decent player of the game. Take a look at the other members of the NavPoint class so that your bot can look for weapons and health pack and move towards them. Then take a look at the members of the CurrentGameState class for the information that your bot is given about the game around it. One thing you will need to add is some way that your bot can be in a particular state at any given time.

Depending on the state your bot is in it will do different things each time PerformActions is called. If it is in the roaming state it will be looking for a nav point. If it is in the hunting state it will be chasing other bots.

How to get system information with cmd.

If it is in the recovering state it will be avoiding other bots and looking for a MediPac, and so on. You can keep track of the state of your bot by creating an enumerated type with the different values. Then your PerformActions method can contain a switch statement which makes it behave differently, depending on what it is doing.


A state machine is just one way you could program your AI, you could make a sophisticated bot that had a way of determining if a result had a positive or negative consequence and then have the bot perform more actions that had a positive consequence. Essentially a learning bot, be careful though if your bot takes too long executing PerformActions it will get out of touch with the game as messages will sit on the queue unprocessed waiting for your code to finish. There are also some very handy hints in the FAQ below about getting your bot on the road to stardom.

Conclusion With this you should be able to go about creating your own deathmatch player. Do I need Unreal Tournament to use this stuff? No, you can create bots and have them connect to any bot server and use the visualiser to get an idea of what's going on. Of course it isn't as pretty as UT! My bot won't move! What did I do wrong? This could be due to incorrect programming logic, please double check your code. You may also have left a Break Point within Visual Studio, if this is reached while watching your bot via Unreal Tournament your bot will appear to freeze until your program continues.

Try overriding the HitWall method, an example of how to do this would be: VB.

This method will be called when your bot hits the wall. The code above will simply rotate the bot by ninety degrees when it hits a wall. What events can my bot react to? You can try overriding any of the following methods:. My Bot seems a little slower than the other Bots! How do I make it faster? Try improving your Bot's logic to optimize the speed. The more quickly the PerformActions method completes the more time your bot has to react in the game. My Bot is nearly dead!

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How do I get it to collect some health? A simple idea would be to just run your bot around the level, checking the CurrentGameState. ItemsVisible list to see if your bot can see a Health item and if it can, get it to run to that location to collect it. Once you have received this path, you can just get your bot to run to each point in turn until it reaches the health.

Some of the methods want me to provide a HealthType, AmmoType, etc as a parameter.

Open Ports on Your Router for Unreal Tournament

Where can I find these? These types are Enumerators which have been used to make coding your bot easier. They are all located inside the UTRemoteBot namespace so to use them you need only type in the appropriate name and IntelliSense should fill in the rest.