Landlord background and credit check

Bank, and Barclaycard, among others.

Tenant background checks should be easy.

As a landlord , your primary responsibility is to find stellar tenants to occupy the property — tenants who pay the rent and take care of their rented home as if it were their own. The difference between finding a great tenant and one who turns out to be a deadbeat may be determined in the information you discover when running a credit check on a potential tenant. The least expensive way to run a credit check is to run it yourself. The biggest challenge is knowing what to look for once you have the credit check in front of you.

Comprehensive credit report

Each of the three credit bureaus offers a tenant screening process which allows you to pull a credit report on potential tenants. You can choose one of the services to pull your reports. I have used all three credit bureaus to pull credit reports for prospective tenants.

Each process is smooth, easy to understand, and affordable. Another option is to use a service that permits you to pull the credit reports from all three credit bureaus at one time. While the websites you use may differ in the process of running the credit check, there are a couple general steps you must first take:. Past behavior tends to predict future behavior. If tenants have a history of not paying their bills or continuously paying their bills late, it is likely that this behavior will continue in the future — meaning that rent payments will be late or missed.

On the other hand, people do change. If the late payments or non-payments are old and the tenant has been paying bills on time since the negative item or items, then it is possible that it was a one-time mistake or that they are working to correct their behavior. For example, someone who filed for bankruptcy five years ago but has since established new credit and consistently paid their bills on time is an example of someone who has a blemish on their credit report but can still be a good tenant. A tenant who has a home foreclosure or who has one or more collection accounts from past landlords is a different story.

This is a potential tenant you may want to avoid. Remember, in addition to running credit checks, you can also contact the previous landlords to screen tenants. Our standardized digital application makes applying simple for tenants and landlords.

Screen tenants

When a tenant completes our online application their information is saved to their Private Tenant Profile or "Renter's Resume". This allows landlords to provide feedback and endorsements for the tenant who can use their profile to apply to future rentals with their verified rental history. This eliminated tedious printing, scanning, and faxing of documents, and the system even allows them to apply to landlords that don't use Naborly. Start Screening. Learn More. Landlord sends invite. Tenants apply online.

Tenant Screening | Landlord Credit Check and Background Check

Naborly runs the check. Landlord receives report. Testimonials Find out what our customers are saying. We have been utilizing Naborly reports in our tenant placement process.

How landlords and property managers check credit

Like other firms, RentPrep offers credit reports , employment verification , eviction reports , and other standard features. However, they go above and beyond by offering an enterprise package, which helps landowners with over 50 properties conduct tenant screening at a volume discount. Every enterprise package client has a unique program tailored to their needs, which includes being able to access a dedicated account representative. RentPrep has affordable pricing considering the additional features they give property owners.

For example, not every tenant screening service lets each customer review their data with an FCRA certified agent. For instance, this package includes eviction data, notices on bankruptcies or tax liens, address history and Social Security Number SSN verification. The pro plan also includes homeland security and sex offender background checks. The smart move package has built-in credit reporting , but users will lose access to the tax liens and bankruptcy search options.

It also uses TransUnion to pull credit reports which will be considered soft pulls if the tenant initiated it. RentPrep has a variety of customer service channels which include live chat, email, and phone service. Best of all, it has phone service available 7 days a week.

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RentPrep has a 4. Many reviews mention that the service was smooth, quick and answered many questions. Also, a major selling point was the fact they had licensed reps to guide clients through their issues. LeaseRunner is another tenant screening service that differentiates itself by having a la carte or report based features.

10 Steps to Running a Tenant Background Check

Instead, they charge fees per applicant for a plethora of solutions like credit and eviction reports. This feature can be very useful for those that are on a budget and are looking to bootstrap costs while searching for great tenants. It also provides free tools like automated rental ads to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist.

These can be very useful as many potential renters scout out Craigslist and Facebook groups prior to going to large sites like Zillow. Landlords can take advantage of another free tool, which is the digital rental application. Since most people have smartphones; they can shop and even complete rental applications on the go.

Prospective tenants can also complete this application on their desktop computers as well. This can be cost-prohibitive for some, which is why either buying separate reports or looking for good bundle deals like the ones at RentPrep might be optimal. Also, it does offer two free tools which are automated social media ads along with a simple online rental application. Its credit report tool is very robust as it verifies an employer as well as previous address information.

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LeaseRunner also has an intricate support system that has many helpful articles that answer common questions. These two features could really help this business serve more clients and rise above the competition. Per its review section, this vendor has a 4.

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Most reviews stated that the services were easy to use and comprehensive. Many companies have automated customer service or have outsourced it to overseas workers with limited English skills. Both of these strategies can aggravate customers and cost the company more in the long run.

This vendor is different from the rest as it allows landlords and investors to post their listings for free on the platform. Also, landlords can create flyers and other marketing brochures that will advertise their listings. Related to this, each advertisement will be pushed to other real estate websites like Realtor. In fact, it boasts that landlords that use TurboTenant generally average 22 leads per property.

Like many of the companies on this list, it prides itself on simplicity by having an online application that streamlines the process for both parties. Its listings are designed fairly similar like the ones on Zillow as they can show the monthly price, lease terms, building history, and pet policies. This allows the prospective tenant to have all the right information which will help him or her find the right fit based on custom needs. While TurboTenant has many strengths, it lacks employment and income verification tools. Instead, it prompts the landlord to do these tasks, which can add excessive time to the process.